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HONK! Band of the Day: Bolting Brassicas Marching Band

Bolting Brassicas
Bolting Brassicas from Lasaqueti, B.C.!

The Bolting Brassicas Marching Band are a diaphragm and forearm-powered aural enema packed with Balkan-klezmer-funkalicious (klez-bunk) power that’ll purge your oomp-aah demons. Most of our songs are fast, except a couple of hand-on-heart numbers that’ll have you blubbering into your vodka. Our speciality: causing audiences to sweat profusely in their formal wear.

We’re from Lasqueti Island, which is exactly like LA, except for the squeti and just about everything else. The band comprises 5% of the island’s population, which makes music its second biggest export after massage therapy.

Their website.