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Your Weekend Events

HAWK ROCKERS: Not your typical cheerleaders, Blue Thunder is a rolling force, both the largest NFL drumline and the only performance group fully supported by a franchise. This weekend, they’re playing throughout Washington state to amp us up for Gameday. Check them out tonight at Seattle’s King Street Bar & Oven, Saturday at the SunFair Parade and Central WA State Fair in Yakima, and then down at the stadium on Sunday. Don’t worry. You won’t have any trouble finding them.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday // Various Locations // FREE

SHACK SHAKER: KEXP hosts the the evocatively titled Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball all this weekend at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. This will be the 24th year Dr. Leon Berman has headed the Ball (which is exactly the sort of phrasing the good doctor would love), which is the longest running rockabilly festival in the United States. Featuring performances from Nikki Lane, Knut Bell & The Blue Collars, Captain Jeffrey and His Musical Chumbuckets, and Hillbilly Casino, among many others, this should be the perfect way to set what’s left of Summer on fire.
Friday and Saturday 8:00 p.m. // Tractor Tavern // $20

GET ON THE COUCH: Over the course of four years, Couch Fest has expanded from a weird little event where you watch odd little films in strangers’ Seattle-area homes to one where you watch odd little films in strangers’ homes all over the world. Plus ça change, right? This Saturday, Couch Fest returns for a full day of eating snacks and watching movies in your new friends’ houses. Remember, while it might feel just like you’re at home, pants and good people manners are required.
Saturday 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. // Various Locations // $5 per house

THROWN FRUIT: Finally, an event that requires you sign a waiver. Our favorite kind! Tomato Battle takes over the Pyramid Alehouse (and, we suspect, a wet, red radius around it) this Saturday for a full-scale food fight. Wild rumpus music will be provided by Titanium Sporkestra and Bat Country, and costumes are encouraged. We’re not really sure how well this work, but we’re totally willing to let you find out. Go throw a tomato!
Saturday Noon – 9:00 p.m. // Pyramid Alehouse & Restaurant // $59.99

Your Weekend Events

THE DUDE ABIDES: Central Cinema, Seattle’s best second-run theater, devotes three days to The Big Lebowski, The Coen Brothers eminently quotable masterpiece about a stoner detective (“New shit has come to light, man”), his aggressive Vietnam vet friend (“I can get you a toe”), nihilists (“We cut off your johnson”), a pedophile bowler (“Don’t fuck with the Jesus”), a sexually-secure heiress (“Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?”), and a missing trophy wife (“Brandt can’t watch though, or he has to pay $100”). Now that we think about it, we can’t believe this isn’t a quote-along. Oh well, just do what everyone else will be doing: drink White Russians and sub-vocalize the script. It’ll tie the room together.
Friday – Sunday 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., Monday 9:30 p.m. // Central Cinema // $6 advance ($8 day of show)

WRITING LETTERS TO THE ARMY: The Blue Moon hosts an evening of the spirited experimental and willfully eclectic when they invite Corespondents, Nu Klezmer Army, and Erev Rav to the stage. A three-top of multi-instrumentalists, Corespondents make Morricone salad, buzzed ragtime, and circus dreams for poets and drunks. Erev Rav traffics in an even blend of traditional tunes and original compositions that run through funk, reggae, bee bop, rock, latin rhythm, and gypsy jazz, while Nu Klezmer Army claim they were formed within a Siberian prison camp after being directed by a burning shrubbery. Who says no to that?
Saturday 9:30 p.m. // Blue Moon // $6 (21+)

RUMBLE BUMBER: It’s Labor day weekend! Time to take a little respite from work, and head out to Bumbershoot, Seattle’s biggest music and arts festival. This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Festival, and if you’ve never been, you should check out our survival guide. We heartily recommend the 1 Reel Film Series, the new DECIBEL-curated After Dark series, and KEXP‘s secret lounge performances. Go, wander, listen, loiter, people-watch, and repeat. The weather is slated to be beautiful, so you won’t even need the thing for which the festival is named.
Saturday – Monday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. // Seattle Center // $35 – $300

Attention All-City Band Alumni!

Via MyBallard:

As the Seattle All-City Band gets ready for a summer full of performances in Seafair parades and other community celebrations, they are also on the lookout for alumni.

This year marks the 60th year for the band! To celebrate, they are looking for enough alum to make up a separate band. “We hope to find enough alumni members to have a separate alumni band, which is quite an undertaking,” said Marcus Pimpleton, director of the group. “I think it will be a great experience to have our newest members and those who haven’t played in decades performing in tandem.”

The All-City Band, which is comprised of musicians from throughout the city, was founded in 1952 and is the longest continuous entrant in the Seafair Torchlight Parade. They have also won countless sweepstakes awards in the region’s parades throughout their history.