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HONK! Band of the Day: Movitas!

With an emphasis on having fun, Movitas is a radical street band that encourages and supports each member in learning, growing, and developing into our full creative selves, actively welcoming folks of different musical backgrounds and abilities to join.

Movitas celebrates egalitarianism: as a collective where everyone actively contributes to the group; and by developing and maintaining power-sharing amongst the entire collective.

The Movitas band strives to be a welcoming, accessible musical community and a safer space for people of all ages, genders, racial identities, class backgrounds, and abilities. We don’t tolerate racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist, classist, ablist, or other oppressive behaviors.

We strive to have healthy relationships and hold ourselves accountable to each other and the wider community. The Movitas Band exists to: have fun, reclaim public space and the streets for music, provide musical support for political actions, and be a creative outlet for members, actively nurturing members’ creativity!

HONK! Band of the Day: Garfield High School Bulldog Drumline!

Garfield High School Bulldog Drumline
Recognizing Seattle’s diverse history, Garfield educates all students as they build confidence, become active citizens and achieve academic excellence.

To accomplish this goal, Garfield commits itself to involving school personnel, community members, students, and their families as partners in an ongoing process of eduational improvement. We construct an environment of excellence and ethical growth for all. Students, faculty and staff continuously work to learn and grow.

As part of that, they have an amazingly talented drumline that might well melt your face.

Garfield High School website.

HONK! Band of the Day: Environmental Encroachment

Chicago performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses circus theatrics and an artist marching band to create unique entertainment environments. Performances can include costumes, live music, parades, acrobatics, fire spinning, spontaneous appearances and audience interaction.

EE Marching Band’s music uses North African, Latin, and traditional American rhythms, fused with electric bass and a brass section. Melodies are folkloric fusions, and creations inspired from New Orleans, Jazz and Rock.
EE encourages participation, dance, and freeing the spirit.

Their website.
Their Facebook.

HONK! Band of the Day: Bucharest Drinking Team!

Bucharest Drinking Team
Bucharest Drinking Team!

The Bucharest Drinking Team isn’t just a professional comptetitive liquor disposal club. It’s also an ensemble of fine musicians, with high-proof, anise-scented dance tunes specially distilled for your Eastern Bloc party. The first-string vocal squad is backed by a traditional Romanian taraf midfield team and an impenetrable brass defense line. From its eastern-European home field, the team’s musical repertory also travels to exhibition tunes from other drinking leagues in Europe and North America.

Their website.
Their Facebook.
Their Twitter.

HONK! Band of the Day: Bolting Brassicas Marching Band

Bolting Brassicas
Bolting Brassicas from Lasaqueti, B.C.!

The Bolting Brassicas Marching Band are a diaphragm and forearm-powered aural enema packed with Balkan-klezmer-funkalicious (klez-bunk) power that’ll purge your oomp-aah demons. Most of our songs are fast, except a couple of hand-on-heart numbers that’ll have you blubbering into your vodka. Our speciality: causing audiences to sweat profusely in their formal wear.

We’re from Lasqueti Island, which is exactly like LA, except for the squeti and just about everything else. The band comprises 5% of the island’s population, which makes music its second biggest export after massage therapy.

Their website.

Thank you!

Titanium Sporkestra - Photo by Nic Launceford
Titanium Sporkestra at a Night of Mischief and Music - Photo by Nic Launceford

Even though it’s a week and a day later (we were up until very early that Saturday), we don’t think it’s ever too late to say thank you for a successful event at the Fred Wildlife Refuge, and an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign!

We met our goal and then some, then threw a fabulous shindig to celebrate. We can’t possibly thank you enough for that. Keep your eyes peeled for the full outlay of HONK! Events to go live today. If you’d like a taste of what you missed at the Fred, and what’s coming for you in May, allow us to share a video from Malixe Photo of the Mighty Spork’s Conga Line: