HONK: No Noise is Illegal
is a short documentary film about the brass band music festival in Somerville, MA. Where HONK! began.

Louder Than Words
is another short documentary film about the brass band music festival in Somerville, MA. The birthplace of HONK!

HONK! festivals are a different sort of music festival. These festivals are part of a global renaissance of community street band culture providing music by the people for the people.We at HONK! Fest West are thrilled to be a local mainstay of this musical renaissance. HONK! Fest West 2015’s mission is to celebrate community music in the public spaces of Seattle with free fanfare performances representing diverse musical influences. Like all HONK! festivals, HONK! Fest West is family friendly and always free to the public.

HONK! bands are typically acoustic and mobile, often politically aware and articulate, and always high spirited. There is a rich community ethic amongst many HONK!ers, who use their music to erode the barriers between professional and novice, and between audience and performers. Although uniforms are sometimes used as a performance tool, individuality is key, and group members often hail from all range of classes, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. Perhaps most importantly, the honkers’ ultimate goal is to have fun, to relish the art of making fun as a form of individual and collective transcendence, and to encourage others to see and do the same.

These ‘marching bands’ take to the streets with a common purpose: to share music with the public and shatter exclusionary principles and defy simple categorizations. These are not the town bands of old – they are the new, the fresh: a sonic carnivàle spectaculare!

This year’s HONK! Fest West will be the biggest yet. We are pleased to partner with the Fremont Solstice Parade again, as well as other exciting local organizations.

We have partnered with Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the arts, as our fiscal sponsor. Donations to HONK! Fest West and Shunpike will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and may be eligible for employer matching.

Our festival is part musical gathering, part community activism. Many of us play an instrument. Some don’t. But all of us have found that live, energetic, mobile, acoustic music—no matter which side of the mouthpiece you are on—brings audience and band together in something like family. A raucous, playful family.

Come HONK! with us on June 18th-21st

Thank you for your support,

Your HONK! Fest West Organizing Committee


Free Fanfare Performances from local and visiting community street bands