Support PRONK!

Coming soon to a street near you! On Monday October 3rd, 2011, the sounds and sights of street bands from here and around the country will fill our fair city as part of the fourth annual Providence HONK (PRONK) Festival. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to help take care of some of their logistical costs, and we urge you to support them if you can.

And just who are these characters? We are a victory riot of local favorites like the Extraordinary Rendition Band and the What Cheer? Brigade. We are a cacophonous street celebration with out of town brass bands like the Springville All Star Marching Band from New York, Environmental Encroachment from Chicago, Titanium Sporkestra from Seattle, the Minor Mishaps from Austin, Texas and more. We are a street intervention like no other, with outfits and misfits from Rhode Island and beyond – musicians, artists, makers, and community groups – taking over Wickenden Street as part of the Providence HONK Parade.

PRONK is a grassroots, community event made possible by the support of local folk like you. None of the bands will be paid for participating in the festival. Instead, they are inspired to travel great distances at personal expense to joyously celebrate their music in public spaces. Your contribution of dollar$ will go directly to feeding, housing, and hospitalizing (er, showing hospitality to) the bands.

Our goal is to raise $1250… so throw us some cash and some dance moves and we will see you on the 3rd!