Tour de Fat No Longer So Far North

We heard it from My Wallingford, who saw it on the Seattle Bike Blog, who read it on Tour de Fat’s Facebook (of course): There will be no Tour de Fat this year at Gas Works. In fact, there will be no Tour anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. From TdF’s FB:

After eleven years in Seattle and six years in Portland, the Tour de Fat is moving on to spread the bike love to Durham, NC and Nashville, TN. Seattle and Portland, your bike scenes are idyllic (big love) and you’ve had a huge impact on shaping the Tour de Fat over the years. This year we will be spreading the bike culture we all share to new parts of the country where it’s still developing. Thank you for all the good times and great memories.

While we are glad that Tour de Fat continues to be successful, and that they are choosing to use that success to spread their message to underserved communities, we can’t help but be saddened at the news. It was a Tour de Fat where we first really hung out at Gasworks (the author of this post anyway. This is what happens when you move to a city instead of growing up there: you come to things in your own time, which is usually long after everyone else has been and gone). We saw Loyd Family Players dance across the grass at a Tour de Fat. Our partners once had to balance a man on a ladder at a Tour de Fat, and we’re mostly sure it was part of the scheduled entertainment.

What we’re getting at is that the Tour is (was, we guess) one of those funky, fun, and free events that seemed perfectly themed for us. We’ll miss it. But we’ll always have the Burke Gilman.

A Night of Mischief and Music

April 16, $25, Little Red Studio
HONK! Fest West invites you to join us for a Benefit Extraordinaire! Delight to music, twitterpate to burlesque, and support the 4th Annual HONK! Fest West!


With Burlesque By:

Saturday, April 16 at 8:00pm

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased today by donating $25 to our Kickstarter page.

All proceeds benefit HONK! Fest West and help us bring bands from all around the US straight to the streets of Seattle!

Little Red Studio
400 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA

The Little Red Studio is an All Ages Space. Please be aware, however, that burlesque is a part of the evening’s line-up, and therefore may not be appropriate for all families. If you have any questions, please contact Tyson at

Our Line-Up

HONK! Fest West is May 13 - 15

HONK! Fest West returns to Seattle for its fourth year! A traveling festival, HONK! this year is excited to visit Georgetown on Friday, May 13; Gasworks on Saturday, May 14; and Seattle Center on Sunday, May 15th.

We are pleased to announce that we will once again be joined by hundreds of musicians from across the country and Canada. Take a look at this line-up!

HONK! Fest West is a free, three-day, community-supported music festival devoted to marching bands, drum corps, samba lines, and anything acoustic and mobile that makes a ruckus. We are also partial to street performers, dancers, and professional appreciators.

If you’d like to help support HONK!, please consider donating to our Kickstarter or contacting our Volunteer Coordinator at

If you have any questions about HONK! Fest West, please contact Tyson at

The Fun Begins!

3.19.11 UEC Fundraiser
3.19.11 at the Underground Events Center

Only two months until HONK! Fest West! Can you believe it? We barely do (and some of us still are choosing not to). This year will be the fourth time we’ve held HONK! in Seattle, and the first time we’ve run a month-long fundraising campaign through Kickstarter. These funds will help cover our permits, venue rentals, food for the musicians and volunteers, travel costs, and all the other line-item details that come with putting on a music festival. If you can, please consider supporting us. Every dollar helps.

(We are also looking for service donations (food, printing, venue, transportation, and so on), volunteers, and/or organizations that would like to table at our events.)

And you know us and how we do, we want to celebrate. So we’re throwing two fundraisers, one at the end of our campaign, and the other this Saturday (3/19) at the Underground Event Center in Belltown (2407 1st Ave). There will be performances by VamoLà, Tubaluba, Bucharest Drinking Team, The Garfield High School Drumline, and Orkestar Zirkonium. Click here for the FB page if you want to see who else is going or if you’d like to invite your friends.

It will be a night of colleagues, family, partygoers and some of Seattles most talented HONK! bands supporting the 4th Annual HONK! Fest West. Come join!